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cap_tured's Journal

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cap_tured is the new version of tragcaps. It was a temporary name as I was going to host them at my domain so it didn't matter that the community name sucked, now it does as I'm going to continue just using this lj community.

I (therapy) cap a lot of movies for layouts, icons and, at times, for lack of anything better to do. I'm sharing them with you because they'd be a waste of all my time and effort if I was the only person benefiting from them.

There are only a few simple rules that should be hard to follow at all.

Here's some basics you need to know:
1. I don't have the patience to go through an entire film to delete all the irrelevant stuff up caps. Another reason is because some people consider what the general public consider an irrelevant caps others may not, so who am I to judge seeing as that's also my view. Also, I don't bother renaming caps of entire films which is why movies are broken down into chapters and placed into their own folder.
2. Credit is appreciated but I cannot force you to credit me. It's hard work capping an entire film trust me. Another reason why credit is appreciated is so that other people can come to this community and download my caps aswell. It'd make it all the more worthwhile if people were actually getting some use out of my caps.
3. Even if you don't credit me, a 'thank you' via comment would be appreciated. DON'T WORRY I'm not going to use that as some kind of spy scheme to sort through your journal to see whether you've credited me or not. a) I'm not that petty and b) I've got better things to do and more important ways to occupy my time, it's just polite to say 'thank you'.
4. Please do not claim these as your own, do not hotlink and have fun creating masterpieces out of my caps. :)

layout: therapy